Thursday, September 6, 2012

Jadyn Turns 6 and Sparkler Sticks!

Well, we didn't make it home to Idaho Falls this year for the 4th of July, but had a great time in Boise.  Chelsea and the girls and I went to the parade- which sadly was WAY LAME compared to IF's :(  But the girls got lots of candy and we didn't have to go snake a spot on the street at 5am!  We drove up ten minutes before it started and parked right by our great spot.  SWEET!  Unfortunately, smart mom here locked her keys in her car, followed by the really smart locksmith dude who couldn't get my car unlocked after an hour of attempting , to which he told me top call someone to bring me a spare.  THANKS SWIFT LOCK & KEY....for NOTHING!   We eventually got over it and enjoyed a yummy BBQ at Grandma's, celebrated Jadyn's bday, went swimming, and ended the night at the horse races!  So much fun!!  We did fireworks the night before with a bonfire and smores' since the kids had school the next day after the 4th.  Great times with the Greenwoods!

                                        Birthday lunch with Jadyn at Pier 49 Pizza- best pizza EVER!
 Jadyn had a party at the local pool, and I am an idiot and forgot my camera:(  I got just a few shots on my phone but loved this one of Ben holding all the girls up while he floated underwater not wanting his picture taken  :)  Can't believe my baby is 6!  Here's 6 things I love about Jadyn:  1. She tells me she loves me about 20 times each day  2.  I get the biggest smile and hug EVERY time I come home form work  3.  She is polite and friendly to others (most of the time :)  4.  I love how she loves others- especially her dogs :)  5.  I love how tiny and muscular she is- future track or cheer star??  6.  I love her spunky personality that keeps us laughing daily   LOVE YOU JADYN!!
 Had to bring the Bennett tradition to Boise with donuts and chocolate milk before the parade!  Awwww yeah!

                                Fun at the horse races with Auntie Betha dn Uncle Casey
                                               Happy Independence Day to all!!

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